ONE group member
  • Create new Google Presentation and Name it "Your book title"_credits

  • Share presentation with your group members and remember to change to "can edit"
  • At the top of the first slide type: Credits
  • That's it! Do not make fancy because this may be a slide or it may be simply a storage place for information

Read Below:

Doctorow, Cory. The Credible Hulk T Shirt. Boing Boing

Why do you need to cite your sources even when you are using Copyright friendly creations?

1) To give credit to the creator and their original work
2) To allow readers/viewers to access original creator’s work

In order to create a Citation, you will need to save the following information for each item you use:

Creator's Name (Author), Title, Where you got it (Name of Website or Database).

When you find an item you plan to use, record the information above on your shared Google Presentations slide.
All items(citations) can be listed on one or two slides.

When Credits slide is finished, Save as JPEG to Your Book Title_downloads folder in your H Drive.
This way, If you'd like it can be added as a picture to your video.
As an alternative, you may add the information as text using your video creation tool tool.

Citations Review Quiz